Wake Up One Morning

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to love again
I’ve had this feeling ever since I could count to ten
From the very moment I realized
My love was for women
I never thought about marriage, or
decided to give men a chance
Although a guy was the one
To steal my first kiss
But by chance and by good grace my path was not set
I had not met the woman who would show my heart what it was missing
The first was a test; what I like to call an experiment
What I experienced was the epitome of heart break and set back
Thinking love would be returned as easily as it was given
When I first felt it
Not knowing that hurt and pain were just as strong
When loves script flipped
Two years later and I wondered
What had I gotten myself into
Loved and lost so many times
I started to wonder if I was a fool
Making mistakes with my heart
Because I wanted to be rebellious
Perhaps a man was the key
To containing the passionate energy
I was dispelling
I never took the chance to find out
Instead decided to discover love again
She came to me not in a dream but in a real life vision
So once again I let my mind go
Allowed her will to entangle
In her web I became trapped
She was the nectar and I the mango
It was this woman who took my heart and showed me precisely how to love
Treated my being like a King and a Queen all at once
And I could never get enough
Of her love and its virgin touch
Of the beating of her heart
Or how my throat would formulate lumps
At the thought of us not being together again
How not knowing how to love
Easily claims unwilling victims
But only when a crime is committed and this was not it
This was the first and last time
I most adored her sentiments
Or felt her hands within my hands
Or felt her lips upon my lips
She had not yet grown cold to the touch
Her journey was being reset
And now I..
..Must re-learn
How to love in earnest
All over again



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