The Art Of Love

The art of loving
Requires no brush of paint
Or numbered two pencil
She is the art
Her heart the canvas
Upon which my love is stenciled
How I need no eyes to see
The desire written upon her own
My chocolate skin coating her caramel
Body in kisses; where licks too are honed
Wanting to tug on her heart’s folds
Feel her lips upon my lips sing melodies of notes
Run my eyes up and down her body and soul
She loves when I gaze
To get a sense of her warmth
The naked truth of the matter
The mere look of her glows
To feel her pressed against my skin
The art of doing nothing while fulfilling every demand
Massaging tired muscles with these two strong hands
Sipping sweet wine while sitting in nothing but silence
Desiring a painting I can only picture within her
Upon my easel she lay bewitched and undeterred
For the art of my love
Completely captures all of her




One Response to “The Art Of Love”
  1. HCGChica says:

    That's a sweet poem… I love it…

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