Revive The Moment

I think by now the industry must be met
with pretense. Hotter than July, let’s reminense

As we stood there remembering the 90’s, it was one sunny morning
and everything was blue, green, and awkwardly forlorn it seemed

Heavy in our hip rollers, we danced into the melody,
allowed our sultry movements to be carried away with the beat

And we caught them with a net, stalked them well into the night,
should not have felt so unsettling and growing heavier with every write

Upstream lyrics flowed between us, as you cast your gaze upon me,
music moved us closer, nearly erupting with salient energy

Time to dance, as I pulled you closer into me, and into my arms you landed,
slipping perfectly around my love handlings

I thought about the slow dance, and how in my hands your own were placed; confident, perfect palming, like the longing love making brings

I skimmed the surface of your sea and wanted to wade a mile in your Nile water; soothing

Repeat x 2

Hip hop is not dead

It was waiting on poetry to revive the movement




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