A Poet In A Dying World c. 2008

The big bad witch is dead
the fat lady has finally sung
but is it her last song
or is she just getting started
on the next one.

No one ever said
how many songs she’d sing in the end
or if Osama bin Laden
is really truly dead.

He’s probably in the Witness Protection Program
Wondering where he went wrong
At being a dad
Praying and hoping
That opium he was smoking
had him clawing to get out of his own head
Thoughts exposin’
Sworn to keep his mouth shut
or see I aye keep it shut for him.

His family’s financial affairs
Considered in silence
A token
Rich man plays poor man
acting like no one
really knows him
A spoiled brat in prior affairs
so his new world view
is to encroach and put on airs
Until they signaled the ‘slit your neck motion’
And left a body
Floating in the ocean.

Let me stop dreaming for a minute
And then maybe begin again

Pick and choose a fairytale
I’ll tell you what about it makes sense

Pick and choose a mythological ruse
I’ll show you a poet
who wrote nothing
but the whole truth

When you discover the muse
the reasons will be laid out for you
How much of it is true
And why that knowledge
did not consume

Everything in this world is inspired
by good or bad
even what appears to be neutral
We have all been had

How our lives are determined
by more than the luck we have

How you are an avatar
You hold your own power pack

So stand back
play your part
don’t read your lines too fast

Most importantly
Don’t let your character lack

You don’t only live once
You live more than nine lives in fact Even Paul Walker’s ghost rider
Will eventually ride again

Either in mind, body, or spirit
We get more than one experience
How cruel would it be if
(Y)ou (O)nly (L)ive (O)nce was all there is

…take an unborn soul, whose only chance to incarnate, is abruptly cut off, aborting that one shot in the process to only live once…

Deprogram the nonsense.

Life is a constant
Our souls are perpetual
Forever hooked on phonics

I’m just saying
I’ve been waxing poetic
Since the universe was named

Evolving in life form is every hero’s journey
a work in progress indeed
There is no game over to concede
The chance to play the game of life
As many times as we would like
Is always…given freely

Life is a lot more precious
when you know unconditional love is
The only key you will ever need
To understand how it all functions
Like its cousin, compassion;
it is much greater than just emotion
No matter what your faction
Here on Earth
Hope keeps floating
For unconditional love is the action




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