My Pulse Pounds Silently


I’m normally this strong force; a guiding light that others seek. But she has awakened in this poet, a lover wanting to doggy paddle up her creek. To wade around in her deep sea. Sometimes she makes me weak, great heart skipping beats. And she does so effortlessly.

I always trust my intuition, explicitly, and when it comes to her and I – I see the many possibilities. I try not to be too hasty…you know how it can be battling that one trait to rule them all that typically defines an Aries. That impulsive quality. But when it comes to my heart I want her to know and to see…

Absolutely everything.

My Darling,

You’ve been on my mind since the moment we met. I noticed you smiling at me and that was just the beginning. You found me and I’d been wanting to be found for so long. I’m still hanging off the end of your sturdy fishing rod…waiting for you to reel me in.

You exude beautiful.

No matter your flaws or mine, it’s our hearts that I look deep into. It’s those gorgeous eyes that captivated me in such a way. That quickly, you became the symphony to my melody. Formerly it was incomplete. The way we each conduct our hearts and wear them out upon our sleeves, but share little when in our own heads reflecting privately. That there’s so much more to unearth underneath all of the subtle complexities.

And considering the circumstances surrounding our current stances when the prospect of friendship and maybe more that we could have. Just know that the minor distance between us means absolutely nothing in the long run. Honestly, I am dumbstruck at the easy comfort level I feel when we verbally kick it and share and exchange our ideals. We socialize via technology and converse about so many things. Baby, what’s most clear to me is that this friendship was meant to be. It was written in the stars; you know I dabble in astrology.

This is just the beginning.

I kept telling myself that when my solitude, after Kelly passed, gave way to loneliness, and eventually when I managed to overcome that sadness to find myself back in a place where my greatest need was happiness. The need for true love and affection would come, and I would finally be ready to seek my life partner, although I’m not seeking perfection. You are already perfect for me. I hope this revelation doesn’t at all make you feel uneasy. Because I’m patient, loving, and kind and I know you too exude these qualities just as naturally as I.

Chapter 1

– You –

Within you I have met one of the most tender hearted women. With the most selfless of intents. One where the level of our connection begins with a solid bond of trust. It goes soul deep. And honestly I thrive on honesty so please never hesitate to keep it absolutely real with me. You can ask and tell me anything.

Between you being one of the most unique women I’ve met thus far, if there’s anything I want to know about you I can look straight to your heart. How you call me your baby, and I’m so in love with that. If the romance was meant to be, the timing couldn’t be more accurate. I want nothing more than to be the only woman that you see, with no others after that.

So willing to be patient and allow time to show and tell. 

I see a world in your eyes that I have longed for. I see how your passion burns as intensely as mine burns. And I’m not overlooking any of the things I don’t know about you yet because on the surface and deep down my heart knows that we were meant …to meet at the very least.To be there to hold your soft hands and give you the sweetest of kisses whenever you need or want them. To hold you close and listen to you breathing in and out the sounds of love we’ll be making without having sex. To ask that you respect and accept me and all of my flaws and imperfections…because I’ll gladly give you the same reciprocity, which requires so little effort.

Chapter 2

-I See You-

Forgiving and gentle. Full of life, laughter and oh so sensual. Soft and subtle. I feel lucky to have met you. I have always been adventurous. One who relishes and cherishes all of life’s lessons that have been imparted to me in stages. You are no exception. I’m so curious to experience what the future holds. For love is progression.

There exists no distance too great or too small to conquer the feeling of hope that permeate my soul. Eventually, we will come to a place where you won’t wonder or doubt, if it’s too good to be true, is it fake? I’ll have you know – it’s not. It’s so good and so true and you’ll know this very soon. Sort of refreshing how you manage to keep me on my toes.

Girl, you can’t shake me off just yet, I’m pretty good on my feet. And I haven’t even started yet. So may I have this first tango with you? It won’t be our last.

Chapter 3

-Thought You Should Know-

I’m no fly by night, but I’ll be your knight even if my armour isn’t shiny bright. What I long for is forever with a light shining soul, with a home and family feeling quite comfortable. And for my lady lots of wining and dining and basking in her limelight. No doubtful mindsets and not a boring moment in sight. With plenty of time to make good on all our promises.

When you need independence, how could I not understand it. I’d never become discontented, but give you plenty of room to breathe, think and replenish. You need this, I need this, it’s fundamental to our well being. I crave independence too and sometimes I need time to let my engine refuel, to reflect and repurpose on my future goals.

You are so modest, but I long for a time when you loving hard is directed solely at me and mine. I want to walk in the moonlight that allows for your basking. I want to frolic under a full moon and stars and see the breadth of your emotions unleashed on me whole and part. That cool reserve, belies a magnetic mystery.

My pulse pounds silently for you. You’ve got a special brand of charm, and I want to yield to that too. With me you never have to dream alone, or worry about love never being enough. I understand you in ways that words can’t express through poems. That’s my heart I’m listening to, coupled with a deep intuition.


There is nothing ordinary about you.

Chapter 1+3

-Even As Your Friend-

“I want to be your ex, and your future girlfriend’s stuntman, doing everything they never had the courage to do.”

I’m going to be your superman.

But for now I’ll swallow my ego and allow us to keep creating waves. So you can linger on my mind a little while longer; this is no phase. To ease the waiting and the innuendo of what results from true loves wonder.

To be continued…




One Response to “My Pulse Pounds Silently”
  1. Myia says:

    She must be some kind of woman. It is refreshing to see one so in tune with her own emotion and whose masterful use of the English language is unique and inspiring. I pray your cipher complete.

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