The Truth About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a choice
The soul makes before birth
It has nothing to do with
Your souls actual worth
We are all worthy in our physical life
Blood genes and brain matter aside
It is our hearts that matter most
What we project from the inside
The heart of a gay man
Or that of a lesbian
is identical to
A heterosexual
It has nothing to do with gay pride
It is certainly not a sin

Sexual preference has to do with
The energy you are born with
The body you are born in
It is a vessel for creation
Like our first breath in the morning
We give new life to this situation
And through our higher spirit being
We allow our spirit to sing
And if your energy is predominantly masculine
And you are born in a female body
You’ll enjoy the love
Of another soul
Who too has his feminine embodied
A lesbian creation is of a similar situation
None of us are on our own
In this alien nation
To be homosexual is to be bold
To be unafraid to allow religious
Mindsets to take hold

When we were planning the birth
Of our next reincarnation
In the beginning
We wanted it to be a perfect creation
But darkness had other plans
To create a sticky situation
To disrupt the ying to our yang
They made same love wrong
Then bible based it
On purpose – their purpose was to create a species
That felt out of place

Why Does Homosexuality Exist

On earth and in outer space
We are all born with a plan
It is the one that our souls create
To be around those we love
In our lower and higher state
To walk a path on earth together
Everyone yearns for their soulmate
That is why the potential exists
For multiple mates
Just to be safe
But it is not always safe
As plans can be deterred by fate
And because of restrictions
Placed on incarnation by the invaders
Who thrive on hate
So they changed things, then used the bible’s bling;
Although they don’t practice what they preach,
Well… not privately at least
They make homosexuality the main topic
In religious and political debates
But what they didn’t count on
So to say
Was the plan affecting their own soul family
Adjusting their own dark energy
To the only two suitable bodies
Projecting both male and female energy
They got a dose of their own reality
It is all temporary for they can
No longer expand on their evil plans
Of trapping us on a planet
Void of Love
As was originally planned
Invading forces destroying love
When it comes to love
This too is true
The ideal couple is meant to be
Made up of a male and a female
As a result of darkness
Homosexuality is necessary
And in this instance it is deemed to be
All natural
Spiritually and physically
But intrinsically it is a lot; like a safe without a lock
So we adjust for the sake of our souls
So same loving hearts can still tie knots

It is simply a tool to allow love to
Continue to exist
To eliminate the desire for suicide
As a temporary exit
On a planet that was long ago invaded
By darkness as it is stated
Our creater allows this race
To project their plans which will one day fade, and
This is why there is always a dominant and a submissive
No matter what the relationship
We have transcended the physical
To overcome the limitations
Of two magnets attracting each other
But at the same time pushing each other away

So to stay together
To make your attraction stronger
Than anything you have ever felt
Stronger than the strongest rejection
You have ever been unfairly dealt
Your body’s energy must be able to deal
With the most negative of force fields
You can grow stronger together
So any storm you can weather
Without fighting against the entire bible belt
Sadly homophobia stands strong
But you are stronger than
Their greatest throng
They must not know
Above all else
It is Love that conquers all
When it is unconditional
It stands so tall
It completely towers over
Any hate that may befall
It is as pure as the finest silk
Homosexuality unveils to you
That love actually
In every capacity
Conquers All
There exists no doubt
You Are Living Proof

*Dedicated to Kelly Smith and a light soul named Zsymon.



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