Mr. Fix Her Up

How can we work on fixing us
When you are being worked on
By Mr. Fix Her Up
Distracting my attempts
To fuel the fire that rushes
The blaze it rages
Inside I am suffering
You say not to focus
On the wrong song buffering
When what’s standing in my way
Has been a long time coming
Mid-February was the first time
The last time my whole mind
Was devoted only to you
Until I discovered something was up
Dropped my own dime
Couldn’t believe what I was seeing
Wishing I was so blind
The urgency in your pleading
Letting him take what is mine
Changed places but in your heart
You are having a hard time
Reconciling all the times
You texted intimately
Feels out of line
Like my love was never enough
Yet you continue to conjure lies
To explain away your behavior
Trying to convince me
I’m worth your time
Better spent, better yet
How about I let another woman decide
I’m royally pissed and you act like
You don’t know the reason why
I hope that magic stick
You are investing in
Loves you long time
Cause mine is gone with the wind
Like Ms. USA on prime time
Episodes dictate this love
Was not made to last,
and that’s fine
I take my licks and keep ticking
My soul’s felt depths that go deeper
Than the deepest gold mines
Trapped in your mind is a perception
Of the manner in which I respected
And forged our strong bond
Yet you did not
Now my desire for you is long gone
Creating sexual intimacy with another
While loving me is dead wrong
No physical contact
But in this context
The conclusion is fore gone
Your morals and respect for me
Where did they come from?
It must be a place
I’ve never heard of
Cause Dear Love,
I’m hurting and on the flip side
You are asserting
Had my distraction of attention lacking
When all you sought from me the whole time
Was hearts mismatched, and
Visions disoriented
Your sexting was torment
It is the release of intimacy
With someone not your partner
Whether virtually or physically;
The affair is sordid
It is emotional infidelity
You never wanted me to find out
Another sign it was not allowed
Allowing fantasy to run amuck
Unhappy with yourself
So you create chaos
Stuck in a rut
Sexting can be addictive
Recognizing the signs
Not that tough
This is your intervention
Take responsibility for the strife
You chose to impose
On the life of your love
Cause the only one abusing you is you
This is your pride getting fed up
Accuse me of being a poor communicator
You’ll look in the mirror
Sooner or later
You are the bad girl
Not I My Love
Now it is your turn
To tune this relationship up
You are a bright and shining diamond
Yet act more like a cubic zirconia
Now let this be a lesson
It’s time to evolve and to do better
So your partner can stop stressing
And not surrender to the pressures
You put on this relationship
I put on my protective image
To further test it
Determining if your values
Are in line with
A real future
Based on love
Trust and devotion
Times energy invested




One Response to “Mr. Fix Her Up”
  1. Selective says:

    It's so easy to put on a fake mask to try and be something that your not.
    But for the REALIST ones who are strong true brave enough to be their selve so that
    Someone will love them for the real them not who they lie or pretend to be. Be sides the
    Truth always finds its way to the light, so why go through all that, steady gambling with lies
    To do what … Loose.
    Ha I'm so glad I don't have that problem, a sad addiction to lies that falsify your whole exitance.

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