Life is Good

I say it without reservation; that life is good. I think it with firm resolve; that life is good. There are days when I struggle to embrace life being good. Thinking back to two years ago and everything I’ve withstood. I mean, it’s made me stronger in ways I’d never imagined. How ironic this life can be, and the experiences that are fashioned, but they say you only live once. How exactly could someone filled with so much light only live once. I know that mindset is destined for disaster. She used to always say take life by the horns and ride that bull until you can’t take anymore. So I lived and loved her with the wildest abandon. She too loved me with every ounce of her passion. Life was so good. On the ride neither of us were strapped in; we lived for each other and there was the occasional distraction. There’s also a stark vulnerability in knowing life comes to an end, but not for everyone. I guess with death there comes fresh new beginnings. That’s what I’m experiencing. And for so long I did not want to go on. For so long I did not want to prolong the pain that her passing brought on. But now I’m feeling the rainbow, not at the end but at the beginning. My daughter, my family, my love, all give me feeling. And God is the one who gives me strength when I’m reeling. You know, since loss never leaves you once you’ve experienced it’s meaning. I am stronger now. I live with every fiber of my being. I love and seek truth even more vehemently. I know her role in my life was an important lesson I had to see. To experience, to feel, pleasure and pain intermittently.

Life is a journey. It’s not always what it’s set out to be. Everyone takes something different from the challenges they can’t foresee. The future, a thing of the past, another chance to be a better me.



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