He sits there all smug
Button down shirt slightly
Open at the top
White tee underneath
While to the choir he preaches
Baptizing words with
The sweat of his brow
The sound of his voice
Slightly twinged with a scowl
Too young to be so sad
Too old to have such
High miles riding him
Only child spoiled
From birth both parents
Mother and father insisted
High school a breeze
He excelled at running and swimming
Girls never called him sweet
Instead they spoke of his gleam
How his eyes would demean
Set you on the edge of your seat
Left with unease
Like a def leopard, rocking steady
His record riddled with A’s and B’s
Not enough experience to properly teach
The way to his heart
Always just out of reach
All the while he’s antsy
Can’t sit still in his seat
Mind going a mile a minute
He does too much thinking
Thoughts float like butterflies
With unspread wings
And eyes unblinking
He’s always settling
Except when it comes to women
In their twenties
He prefers the cougars
They come abuzzing
Looking for some honey



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