Her Body

The way her body moves
The gentlest breeze could not detect
Quieter than a pin drop
Heard millions of miles away
In fact; when she walks she glides
She floats like a butterfly serene and light
Buffering gently against
The tiniest fluffiest clouds of white
Where puffy gusts of wind do whine
As the needle of the pin drops down
She comes undone
The way her body moves
What a refreshing moment
Captured in the essence of time
My heart is stolen
She makes me flip like a school boy tumbler
Stomach on ten like a gymnastics score
Her only task, to harm no more
Harm none; the nickname I’ve given her
Sweet heart taught me to never recoil at cruelty
As she so aptly moves right through me
And anyone who thinks their shit don’t stink
They’re the most drawn to flies, and
Her movement defies meaning
Funk don’t lie and her body don’t mind
Being gone with the wind
As I gaze toward the sky



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