Secrets Unfold

My secrets unfold for you, my love is on hold for you, but the passion still builds. For my heart is always true.

Hearts don’t lie.

You are the only woman I see.
I can’t break this habit that has formed from longing.
From holding you just those few times I can’t get over you.
From kissing your sweet lips I am enamored too.
I don’t want to get over what we’ve built up.
I promise to never give up and to never stop.
I want to take care of you and for the rest of our lives make love feel brand new, but do you want it too?
I need to hear from you.
And once I do, we’ll take it to a whole new level.
Create the most beautiful, ain’t no other lovers on our level.
But is my thinking mostly born of wanting and wishing?
Have I not learned how to use my love intuition?

Being continued…

They can’t carve out our bezel. We are one of a kind. No intermission is needed for this twice in a lifetime. And you will always be mine.

This heart holds my deepest love
My greatest fears and most of all
My desires so powerful they come and go
Just as easy as love is pure and beautiful
Love is truly what made me
Love was once the only thing about me worth saving
Deepest thoughts, learned young
Early age, young but not dumb
On a quest for love
That light at the end of the tunnels that run deep
Full of no fluff
Few thrills did I seek
Mostly heartbreak sought me
What I was breaking away from
And aches coming as soon as day breaks apart sun
Forming new rays of light
To float hope on through
Till death do us part
We pay our dues
With love.

Enhanced by whatever distractions might ensue. Not even ADD can halt my love when in pursuit.



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