Friends With Benefits

Friend with benefits
Seeks filthy whore
The ad may as well have read
As you clicked on: read more
You see, your links were chained
From the very first night
You knew the loving was fake
But the passion was right
The way she had you upright
Against those walls that she tore down
The friendly benefits were ripe
Against the backdrop of her night gown
You were wildin’ out and eatin’ out
Like there was no tomorrow
Like the sun was on vacation
And the moon had cast a shadow
No doubt her river flowed
Tongue flapped like wings of gold
Hand delivered orgasms
Oh, darling… you were so
Into her as you slid further in
Your fingers contined to move
Exceptionally dutiful
Moans laced her lips, sounding so beautiful
Like her body had already known
A lifetime of only you
So full of you that night
She was blown away by you
Especially illuminating
The way your light shined through
Made her want to sigh
A million times
Making love more respectable
Which is impossible when wondering
When the “benefits” will be through
You made good loving more intense
Despite this predicament
Like anything is possible
And you started thinking exactly this
Making assumptions seem more plausible
Thought train way off track and split
Thinking she wanted a relationship
When she could barely even commit
To the ones who loved her best
Thought she was hooked on your phonics
When surely you jest, ’cause
The only thing she was hooked on
Was on you unhooking her legs
And on you tonguing her body down
Making her feel your love for days
Keeping her wet had already caused
Lots of mmm’s and lots of ahhh’s and the more she came, the more of you she wanted
Do not doubt that you could be
The only lover she would ever need
But understand her orgasms come
From someplace down deep
You were both intense and passionate
Thought she could match your stamina Thinking a bit too wishful
Should have kept her panties up
But she swept you off your feet
She loved leaving you in pieces
She couldn’t meet your energy
Let alone speak in full sentences
You exceeded every one of her expectations
You were to blame for every one of her exclamations
Like a leaf, you swayed
Into that horizontal state
Made her toes curl rapidly
And every time she’d moan
Your own would follow silently
How you were so inclined
From the very first night
To bury your passion
between her thighs
Now do you understand
This woman changed your plans
I tried for months
Got nowhere fast
Was it your confidence
that drew her in
Without true love
No happy ends
Seduction proved too powerful to combat
Did she at least leave your emotions in tact
She just wanted sex
You just missed the fax
But don’t give up on love my friend
It’s never too late to try again
cause being in love
with the one whose love
you are giving willingly
Is the best benefit



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