I Do Things With My Tongue

I do things with my tongue
That you ain’t never felt
I got skills, tongue game gold
I got moves that’ll make you melt
You want my mouth on your pantyline
Well then come on over here love
I want my lips brushing against
Your thighs and all
The delicate places they touch
Followed by soft kisses
In intricate ways
And I can hardly wait
For what’s coming next
My mind’s saying yes
And so is yours by the feel of your waist
And the slick of your wet
And the look in your eyes
And the curve of your lips
As I look in your eyes
I lick on my lips
While at the same time I
Have a momentary shift
My weight is on top
Of you pressed against
Lips, hands, tongue
All seeking their gift
To unwrap your body
I envision all of it
In my mind
You are causing tantric tidal rifts
The waves of your ecstasy
I want to ride with
Making love to you
The ultimate dish
You are my seven course meal
you ever had one of them
You can hardly wait
As I begin brandishing your clit
You feel me deep inside
But ain’t felt nothing yet
Hands on your hips
As I take you on a ride
Out of breath from trailing
Kisses down your side
I’m breathing out
The sounds of sex
I know you want it all no jest
And no pride
But you gotta wait for it
My desire is to dive
And put my face in it
As I search for a place
to relocate my lips
How in your warm soft skin
I slide and slip deeper in
Got my brain performing
Many frontal flips
Got my heart wanting
To tie yours next to it
Oh how good you taste
Will I ever get enough
Only time will tell
If this desires born of love
And will I be all you ever need
Is my love the only one
Let me give you what you please
When your body seeks release
My desire for you is twenty four seven
…and baby
I won’t stop counting



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