Lovers and Friends

If I was your best friend before your lover
Would that make things better
We were the perfect couple
Now we not gone be together
You were my girl and now you might not love me ever… again
It comes back to this, I’m not talking shit, I’m expressing feelings
The Gist
I’m not attacking you but babygirl I need some healing
Right Quick
From these situations I find myself in
We float upstream cause it’s sink or swim
In this industry where no one wins
If you ain’t got money and no high class friends
And it’s sad, you go from being passionate about your craft and shit,
it’s gone be hard to quit cause we’re not ready for that yet
I still got pounds to shed and I shouldn’t be loving it
But I know something’s missing
Is it you or am I wishing
You always been there for me Encouraging and upbeat
And I’m sorry, I got you surrounded by fleas
In the industry that want to get in with me and feel normalcy
Where they don’t fit in, can’t even contort the beat
So they change our whole sound and beat
Make it seem like the kid is slipping downwardly
If he ain’t with the agenda, he’s not cowardly
Cause I’m not tripping
We were more than friends
We were best friends
In love like we were gone with the wind
You my Scarlett and my Lois
You better know this
I’m your Clark Kent, I’m your gable end
We from a different era but our love is sick
You’re my muse baby
So when it comes together we make music baby

And when we’re making love
Ain’t no curtains up
It’s just us
No cameras please
No paparazzi
We in love



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