Voodoo Slavery

There are more slaves on the planet today than at any time in human history.

Haiti has just one of the highest concentrations of slaves anywhere in the world.

Are you listening?

If you want to buy a person, that’ll be a hundred, possibly fifty.

Dollars, that is – they’re fairly cheap and the labor’s free.

A 10-year-old sex partner slash house slave sells for one hundred dollars on any given day.

But can be bargained down to fifty depending on the words that you say.

Any shade you want, as long as the color is Black.

Before you go home, let’s be clear on what you’re taking back.

A person.

A living, breathing, human being.

A slave.

Forced to work for you for free.

Through fraud or threat of violence for no pay beyond subsistence.

Not for good, but for bad, for pleasure and other disgusting shit.

You thought you missed your chance to own a slave?

“Nigga, please.”

The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t really free any slave.

The 13th Amendment kind of broke it off in a way, after death and destruction had touched everyone first, you see.

You’d think the abolitionists would still be on their job.

It took an earthquake and the spilling of blood to bring slavery back into focus.

We are living in a time where history repeats and dimensions stay stuck open.

Wake up and start freeing your minds before it’s too late to take notice.

Voodoo slavery is alive and well.

The children of Haiti already know this.



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