One Day The Distance Grew

One day the distance grew deafening
Like silence when in love
When all you’re left with is guessing
She broke all the rules
There were only a few for dating me
Couldn’t resist being a rebel
No emotions worn on her sleeve
Instead she developed a penchant for flirting
And a pattern for observing herself falling freely
Madly in love I fell too
This fool, me, like dominoes toppling
She played the one-trick pony in our game of monopoly
I was the one-stop shop while her heart was tourist traveling
Had deeply engaging conversations just about everything
About the girl before me who thought she could rap and sing
But she wasn’t a star, she didn’t shine or anything
Bark nowhere near as loud as her half rapping ass could sing
But I glowed in the dark of my skin and shined brightly
She never realized darkness was needed to bask in the light
In order for her star to get that slick sheen
To overcome her cancer sun my fire bull pined longingly
The jumping jacks in her heart
Had to stop creating monsoons in mine
Her passion stirred in depths unlikened to my kind
The corners of my consciousness carefully thought over this travesty
As hot sensations poured down and soothed over my body
She became slick wet with the luster of my morning dew
wait for… thoughts processing
The sum of her critical analysis
She thought she knew every damn thing
There was to know about me
She thought
Everyone loves
A good disappearing act
Sure go ahead and pull my heart from under that hat
I entrusted her magician hands
Every day I took home
A brand new assignment
Lesson 1: Concentrate on nothing
But loving her
Every hour of the day
Without wanting any more
In silence try as you might to clear your head
There is no way
Without fronting man
I’d ace it somehow, I’d foolishly say
Assuming the countless stories
We’ve all seen and heard
Heartbeats bursting to be free
Now an empty shell of what was once deemed “too sweet”
I was fooled into thinking
She was crazy about me
Former player extraordinaire; another asshole redeemed
She kept talking
About a love that was not yet in sync
She marveled at my comics
Yet took nothing of my despair
She created on her canvas
Without my words or her sketches
Spider-Man would disappear
There is no longer any love here
Or so it seemed
I felt it retreating out of fear
Felt it abandoning me
I greeted all that came with it seamlessly
For the weight of the nothing between us
Makes way for a parting
Seems to be
No endearing of love or making up of, a chemistry that appeared to come from nothing
Tables and charts not yet drawn on
So we recreateed; together she and I
We were like one
She sketched and I painted
And for a while it was all gravy
But did we learn anything?
For one; my love does not run away
From anything
The End



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