Your energy excites me
Your fire, it flames
Desire all knowing as you whisper my name
The curve of your lips like the shape of your frame
Your skin like satin
A warm soft blanket
I want to be wrapped in
Bound to you as pleasure ensues
Like the melody of the perfect beat
I have found in you
And your honey so sweet
As my tongue rolls over
Deep impressions you’ve drawn in and you are glowing all over
Insatiably I treat
Each chapter as if
It’s my very first read
First verse;
Wide open, eyes closed, fingertips at the ready
Completely content at my intention to please
So blunt everywhere else but in bed you tease
I’m impressed because I’ve never been met with
Someone like you and your history reflected
I pay close attention to your body rhythms
I refuse to concede to your kisses or pretend
I am not loving in bliss
With lips like a lotus blossom flower in bloom
Strong yet gentle
Grip you tender as I press my lips into you
This ain’t no accidental bliss
This is that, ” Damn I’m missing the hell out of you kiss.”
The way my tongue would dip into the small of your neck
With your back up against
The wall the kitchen table
Making love until
We’re no longer able
Give yourself to me
Submit to my authority
In stride I find myself guiding our lifelines
Rope long enough to extend to a flatline
The way your heart responds to mine
Exceeds my expectations indeed
Not wantonly placed but carefully released
Even when your back is against mine
We make love as we seek



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