Soul Traveler

We resemble a likeness
It cannot be excused
When basked in light it is bright
But does not intrude
Instead it is welcomed
As we bathe in its hues
Finding new ways to focus
New ways to improve
We are so much alike
Were we twins in another life
Were we misplaced when planning fate
So being soulmates seemed only right
I am not certain of what it is
That draws me to you
There is only one thing to take away
This much is true
My love and your love
Both passionately attuned
To the same wave at the same length
My heart beats for you
My resolve is strengthened
Knowing your existence proves
A love without borders
Is a love that is true
To love without feeling
As strongly as I do
Would be worthless if not shared
With the bosom soul
Whose heart I move



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