The Stud With The Butterfly Tattoo

Chapter 1

I was propped up on my lazy boy
Comfortable reclining
chewing raw almonds when she re-entered the room, smiling
Her bottom lip, biting
Her silence was deafening and suddently I felt consumed
stuffy and diffused as her gaze scanned the whole of the vestibule
Until she focused on my face
“The pretty lady has returned,” I said
stifling a chuckle
Hiding the uncomfortable
I didn’t understand
Why she felt certain
to make dramatic and stormy exists
Always purse in hand
Loved to make her presence felt
Wanted more of my crescent self
She said, “I made it all the way to my car before realizing I forgot my keys.”
She looked like she’d rather be in my bedroom instead being gently teased
I motioned with my body now entirely at ease
Trying to see if I could spot her key chain with the butterfly shaped car key

Nope, nothing. I watched closely as she searched with a certain knowing
Trying not to touch anymore of my stuff as if she didn’t know me
Knocking nothing to the ground
She appeared to be growing proud and slightly exasperated at her lack of progress all around
Her face scrunched up into
a frown

My mind began to wonder back and memory lane I travelled down

“A bit of sensual spice with a dash of romantic mystery, some stimulating roleplay and some calculated symmetry.
Conversations about everything where I’d make you laugh and you’d do the same to me.
The challenge is what to do with all the energy we are exchanging.”
“Treat it like it’s the only nourishment the both of us will ever need, ” she said.
“You better believe,” I said in earnest.
She replied, “Why don’t you let me reheat your furnace…”
I cracked a smile transformed into a grin
The energy had everything to do with the current climate

And damn was she the perfect client.

To be continued…



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