The Garden of DNA

A Posh Prison For Ruiling Elite

With a High Security Fence To Keep Away The Weak

Perfect Place For Atu-Waa’s Long Awaited Sleep

Iraq, Iran, but First Afghanistan they Seek

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found Where?


Oil & Money – They Took A Pass On Those Things


That’s What’s On Their Minds

In Fact, Restarting History While Earth’s Confines Remain In Tact

So Urgent to Locate the Device Called Time

No WMD’s Found – Though Excuses Did Climb

Religion Serves What Purpose

An Eye For An Eye

To Confuse and Segregate

To Reject and Regulate Our Lives

And Post Haste Their Own Demise

Where there is war and strife there is religion held high

Where there is religious conflict

There is unconditional love that must survive


DNA With Your Clothes On

No Cloning Is Needed When You Are A Human Being

We Are No One Special

We aren’t all one tissue

Humanity is not the issue

What we need in the interim is

Individual Residual

Unconditional Love x 2



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