Hidden In Plain Sight

The truth is backwards
They say it’s stranger than fiction
Hey, whatever works
Against the current, we swim
Strokes of Falsified Records, and Stolen Status Quos,
They all float downstream
Resting on lakes no paddler knows
Beliefs contained in a system
Organized by intelligent men
Derived as a way to conceal inadequacy found within
Anti-intellectual activism brought to you by:
Disinformation agents and gang stalkers doing drive bys
Presenting a faux facade; ignorance meant to keep you bliss
About those secrets, oh how they didn’t count
On The Internet
To snitch freedom
Releasing truths formerly locked down
Into this prison like matrix that eagerly branches out
Into domestic truth seeking cells
They yell man down
And the rituals; don’t get me started on
Oh how they shell
Bombs go off in minds when lies are dispelled
While truth is protected in cocoons that often curtail
the reality found at the highest levels
Truth remains free through underground railroads
It is constantly encountered and wide spread
Like the flu or our youth before we lose it
To the fake world
We grow up, get out, but brain matter stands still
Take a ride on Orion’s belt
Think first then react, like a chess game with missions
To think beyond the idea of primitive belief systems
Requires the washing of brain stems
to take advantage of growth requires a deep seeded
Understanding not of human behavior,
but of spiritual and scientific wealth
Disdain for theories that don’t resolve the real issues
Disregard the lies that have been dealt
And the problems lacking ends and the unresolved situations
We all need tissues
For all the tears we’ll shed
Not a dry eye in the house
When knowledge starts pouring in



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