On Stupid Stuck

The truth is nearly impossible to swallow
Something as big as the biggest heartbeat
God ever made belongs to a blue whale
Then try to explain just how futile it is to become
To be nubile in a world as distasteful as ours is young
Love mistaken for abuse, ignorance mistaken for mere youth
In the body of a 60 year old student who never graduated from high school
But I can’t talk, I graduated early while learning nothing useful
But follow the leader into a padded room
Expecting to be deprogrammed by the selected exceptional
Tear two minds in two so they become bisexual
Except I’m telling you, I am the captain of my ship
The mistruths no longer exist in me
I have dispelled all my fears old antebellum, mysteriously
They lack spiritual currency
Colored people hear it and fill new souls with benevolence
Past attempts at being dismissed have often times proved heaven sent
With contempt akin to the Nephilim
Distractin’ em;
Don’t you see those two fraternities stepping
Pounding the sidewalk with checkered black and white on
Into the Mason lodge where souls are slow robbed
Lied to, cheated on, and thoroughly stole on; left with left eye shiner lined with a big bruise that goes on
For days…
I rest less every single night, yet have no worries
I allow the electromagnetic disturbances to curb me
Targeted mindsets and live sets where fear runs high
And mighty as I rest less nightly
What do you think happens when you can no longer sit by idly
Wondering why Corky’s Life Goes On was as popular in the 90s
That was the year our mental capacity started developing quite highly
Some caught on and others got caught up
Pineal gland calcified, on stupid stuck



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