For The First Time

I am as if for the first time
Seeing myself through another’s eyes
I am a complicated contradiction
Of ingenious ingenuity
My self destruction rebels against the self instruction that moves me
The negativity presumably exudes me of responsibility
I am left being a left brain feign
I am that bird on a wire,
hanging on by the skin of my feet
Feeling the stark contrasts between
The vibrating chords and beats
Don’t move me, see
I am moved by nature’s hanging leaves
And swaying things, like twigs wind whipped by breeze
Seeing growth spurt all around
Branching in and out of dreams
I am that odd tree of buried root
Feet are firmly planted; ground in soot
Three eyes gaze at the sun; disease is rendered moot
I see the energy move around me; there’s no dispute
As health abounds at nature found
Now that’s that spiritual sooth!
Not a traversing travesty
Not a sight for closed eyes to never feast
Of fools and men we need not be
The illusions, the grandeur, the narcissistic tendencies
You are not half the soul
You were meant to come from
You are your brothers and sisters
Game keepers and visitors
This life, a cruel zoo
No wonder everyone wants out of here
Except Jehovah’s Witnesses waiting on paradise
Just thought I’d share that pizza slice
The moment the dim lights, the moment feels alright
Hit my self unaware
Then I exit the stage right
Trusting that self is sane
If not, trust the Moses looking dude with a whole lot of hair on his face



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