Eyes Wide Open II

5th Verse

The next one to catch my fancy
Sapped me like an oak tree
Macked me like ODB
She was the type to bring alive
And then stomp all over your dreams
But she was mine and I was hers
Placed myself on a shelf
She did not deserve
With access to my dreams
They went completely undeterred
She inspired others with her hustle
Academic in nature
Her leaves branched out and rustled
I couldn’t wrap my brain around her
When her emotions came alive
Suddenly she had little love for
Anyone who’d reach inside
Her heart never opened its door
Expressed a deep emotion
For anyone not on her good side
Selfish in her pursuits
And all about love was I
For her I’d wear my birthday suit
Couldn’t get enough of her mean mug brew
Until I had enough
Of her over filling my cup
With nonsense and drama
And other stupid stuff
We grew apart; had too much fire
We doused the flames; our love expired 
Jealousy to blame; an unforgiving culprit
No friends with benefits
A clean break was warranted

6th Verse

I watched her intimately
Wrap her mind around me
Pinky finger dangling profoundly
Awkwardly crooked off the end of my hand
Little did I know I knew so little then
The next girl that entered my world
I’ll never forget the moment
I met my best friend
A chocolate drop
A pretty dark skin woman
We both fit right in
No agendas hidden
But we had to pretend
She was mostly in the closet
I was never going back in
She asked, “what’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?”
I mumbled something about, “women and falling in love.”
She smiled and said yeah, I already knew
In a flash her smile showed
What she intended to do
I was about to find out
What came next was the beginning
We needn’t say a word more
Led her through my rough gently
And opened my heart’s door
What’s left was unshattered trust
Of two souls desiring more
Than an attraction born of lust
We settled for loyalty and platonic love
I expressly denied her entry
Into my temple of love
Although attraction grew full throttle
Resisting temptation was fun
A decade later and she remains
My Day One from day one
My best friend who never preyed on
My love… and what became of her
We practiced the truest form of intimacy
Without involving a sexual nature

To be continued




One Response to “Eyes Wide Open II”
  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! thank you for sharing your heart!

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