It’s Not What You Think

Before you know it
The illusion will be gone
No acapella – Just bars on this one song
Are the Illuminati – Satan’s all-stars?
Your favorite celebrities – Are they all pawns
The Industry – Is it too far gone
Do you really have a clue
Are you just a chess piece on the board walk
You do what you’re told to do
Like a Jordan shoe – on black Friday
You’ll stomp, trample and kill just to own a pair or two
When what you need to be owning
Is your damn self – fool
Lights on but no one’s home
The ruse is up
The roster crows
To the ancient ways of the slavers trades
The spells they put on us
Will soon part ways
The promised land
Will soon part in ways
We cannot fathom
The wool being pulled
Not under but over
Fuck fluoride – use clovers
Fuck cancer – game over
The vitamins and supplements
Green living things we’re supposed to ingest
Instead we are so worried
About which rappers rep 666
You don’t know your history
You have the ability to but don’t read
Most cannot comprehend
Enough to overstand the theme
Some conspiracy theories really make me think
But you are past all that – stuck in the present scene
Stuck on a presidency for the ninth time in history
Yet still won’t read, steady forgetting the past
But you’ll run to the theater to see
Django Unchained’s black ass
How about the chemtrails are seeding
The clouds are no longer keeping
The air we breathe safe
Mother earth ain’t playing games
You eat meat but claim to be
So angry at dog fighting
Where’s the outrage at cock fighting
Cows lives matter too
While politicians stocks are rising
Monsanto is destroying small farmers pride in
America; the land of the free – oh say can you see
Hailing Satan for the dividends – oh yes siree
Jay Z and Kanye ain’t got shit on Jim Carrey
I’m not sure why but
12 Years a Slave
Rubbed me the wrong way
I think I’ve got pink eye
From seeing things too clearly




One Response to “It’s Not What You Think”
  1. Hip Hop Radio DJ says:

    Put a beat behind it and you got yourself a hip hop song. Much better than most lyrics we hear nowadays!

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