Because you did not harbor all the ideals of one of your parental units

Of the memories of reverse gentrification and neighbor(hood)s changing faces

The distrust and disgust did not stop the sun from shining on everyone equally, especially you

And your heart became a ball of fierce love and protection as you subconsciously noticed the disconnect between the people you loved and the outsiders who’d come disrupting tradition

Not worth naming names because sometimes ignorance must be maintained but unconditioned

You were always intelligent, picking up on the littlest bit

You were raised well because your mom is a beautiful and spirited woman

Her arms spread open like wings, as butterflies coat your own in vibrant ink and muted tones

Because you had that tough and constant love while growing up that extended through the ages

Here comes big mama, you’d say and she’d soothe your pains and aches

That unconditional glass of morning dew she effortlessly and freely gave

No love lost, only love gains and positive outlooks, you are the refreshment in the rain

For acceptance, we ask no permissions of anyone, only to be treated equally, the same

We are like squatters, fighting for the right to love, literally starting revolutions with the beat of our hearts. So we squat and the vibrations vibe so damn hard

As a young girl you felt so much more than others and took on so much more than you should have

You are beautiful

You became the change you sought, but now the positive energy you carry must be protected at all costs

See it’s like this;
Scars you carry are now stronger, darker and proud of their journey

How a single fabric in the seam of life forces us to speak out loud and sew outside the line

How the cord of homophobia makes our bond that much more profound

We are all we’ve got, we’re not afraid to shout

Nothing can tear or mend this cloud nine we’re riding in, shotgun on the front row seat of love revving this engine

For the sun has come unstuck from a gray sky turned clear blue because of your sentiment

We just need your smile to keep shining on, to light those green eyes that often see nothing but love

To prove your strength and your worth is not defined by others acceptance, even if it never comes from the one you expected

Your heart is the truth that speaks to an eloquence that’s fiercely felt,  and what matters in the end is the love you’re dishing out




One Response to “Stephanie”
  1. kelly says:

    This is so beautiful and a tear jerker. I can't tell you how much I long for someone who sees all the golden nuggets inside me, the pearls of wisdom, the diamonds created by the pressures of the world I've endured. So looking forward to being cherished and cherishing someone like this illustrates….good job!!!

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