I sit and wait and pine
For words that never come
Momentary happiness has come undone
No turning back but shadows of the past do hunt
Lies and deceit over the smallest things corrupt
But no one is perfect, I wouldn’t be fooling anyone
That love was pure from day one
The passion ripe for a future of
Happy days being here again
A soulmate to share a love of living
And sometimes tears
A life defined by torturous misgivings
The sum of all fears
Lose her and suddenly it’s all clear
But why is love the antihero in this relationship
I’m not too proud to hurt and cry dammit
To beg and plead for long gone times
Watching reruns of What’s Happening
While eating Five Guys cheese fries
Meanwhile I am love lorn sapping
I watch the snow fall in slow motion
Catching flakes at the end of my nose
And eye lashes
Blinking for the life of me
I am reminded of a time
Where innocence was never quite as
In a sense; like the first time
Love had not yet died
The future; wide open and limitless
But we stopped trying
To Love More and Fight Less
To have the time of our lives
Taking detours from fight fests
But I digress ’cause we ‘Gon Be Alright’…
Like Kendrick said, baby “We got this.”



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