Straight Married Life by John Drew

keys3You can’t make stuff like this up. After leaving the house to go home, we were driving our second car because the other was in need of repair. By the time we got there, I received a phone call from my sister in-law.

“Could you please look for my keys, I may have left them at your house” she said.  My wife talked to her sister while I looked around for the keys, but I came up empty handed. My wife asked her sister “where else should we look?” 

She said that the last place she remembered having them was at the post office. Why am I looking here when she last had them at the post office I wondered. My wife told me to settle down, run down to the post office, and see if anyone turned in some keys. So off I went.
I knew the woman behind the counter and asked her if any one had turned in any keys? “Yes”, she said and showed me a set of keys. “Are these it” she asked and I had no idea so I told her  to let me call my sister in-law to find out. “Phyllis, can you identify your keys”, I asked. “Yes”, she replied. “There is the key to the car, a thingy to lock and unlock the car, a key to the post office box and a small key”. I replied back that there was no small key just a Chrysler key, door thingy and key to a PO Box. “Well I don’t know, can you try the PO Box key” she asked. I asked the woman if we could try the PO Box, and by then she was completely bewildered yet agreed to let me try to open the box. I tried the key, turned it and the door opened. There inside the box was the set of keys my sister in-law was missing.
I got back on my cell phone and said “Phyllis I found your keys inside the PO Box, but who’s keys did I have when I opened the box?”

“Oh, those were my husbands; he lost them a couple of weeks ago.”

 I went home and opened a bottle of wine.
-John Drew




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  1. Glennisha Morgan says:

    Wow! LOL That was funny

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