A Poem For My Daughter

I adore her passion
Matches the sparkle in her eyes
Her life, like her spirit
Rages like a bonfire in the sky
She arose from mommy’s belly
I played catcher in the rye
From that moment on our bond solidified
From love – peace and crying streaks and breathing for the very first time
No modesty on this canvas
Just raw honesty – we have this
When I scold her – those times few and far in between
She is our miracle baby
Teaching as only a teacher can teach
Pure and innocent
I allow no one to breach
I love her intensity – when she fights the system – her two mommies
In retrospect there is no better thing
Than a daughter who has high hopes for her future and being
To make proud her mommy and boppy
By living well and pursuing her dreams
When the night sky stretches from the west to the east
We watch it together
“Mommy, the moon is following me!”
I relish in her delighted scream
And one of our favorite things is to moon gaze and linger on how gently the dark of night consumes the light of day
And rubs its back against the sky’s stars
In a magical array
I glance at my daughter
I know everything is alright
My little love will be fine
Her beautiful sprit gives me
The tiniest glimpse of the best things in life
And I will shoulder her thoughts and her hopes and her dreams
I will treasure every moment and all that she brings
My little butterfly – so very full of life
So aptly named – Zoey




One Response to “A Poem For My Daughter”
  1. Norton Support says:

    Wow so sweet…very lovable poem shoes the love for daughter in a extremely beautiful manner…Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem…

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