Deeper Than a Hashtag 

​A black man died today; killed by a militarized police state, brought down because he couldn’t forsee his fate, for not surrendering his body after the second attempt to taze, just look at his sons face and look how they placate and how marching and protesting won’t do a damn thing to stop the hate, or the FEAR that replicates every time the cops are called, how scary you must appear and have the nerve to have the gall to just stand tall and take it all without falling down, unwavering until those bullets pierced from back to front and how your children’s tears will flow non stop, though the waters from sad eyes will eventually dry up, the pain of a life while being fatherless will never ever stop, and let’s talk about rap sheets and time served and how gun toting ex felons should be deterred, and registering as a sex offender isn’t always what it appears to be, the language is menacing yet we don’t know the full story, what we do know is a man died today and his death has not paved the way, for blacks killing blacks necessitates the mindsets of some police and some gangs to value black human beings as less than apes, so black people I must say that until you begin to truly value yourself more than anything they will continue to fear you and kill you over the simplest things, and ultimately you’ve got to stop resisting because living matters far more than the arresting reality of a bullets sting opening deaths door 



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