All The Right Places 

​The way your eyes seek every wounded crevice of my soul

Questioning why I kept falling in love with assholes

As if I didn’t know there was you to choose from

How your eyes are like two suns

As I gaze into you and heal

Every wound you ever lingered upon

Withstanding time like steel

Until realizing you are my favorite 

The muse that keeps gaining with me the most favor 

With every new language imagined and savored 

I know so many but only loves language forms the trail that leads to my heart

Which you follow like breadcrumbs made of crumbles and tart

How l fell in love with your self expression from the start

How your lips negate the need for hands

Your voice the fingers my ears understand

Your hurried breath the same sound

Your heart gently beats to

Your words wrap like the finest lace and beads do

Around the corners of my mind

Where our worlds, crossed forever

Burst like diamonds in coal mines

Because of the pressure 

Of being born open mouth hungry

In need of your oxygen to sustain me

If only you weren’t a fairy

Wings spread before me like a deck of spades

Steering the earthquakes and stomach rumbles your touch creates

Inside of me for hours my head a love sick puppy

I thirst for your syrup while devouring your love for me

And by passing pleasure for hours unwound

Countless of your whimpers in the air surrounds 

Leaving my lips sticky and sweet with pulp 

Your nature does not frighten me at all

I am in love with nature and all that she brings

You are the soft wind blowing in the trees

The sweetest honeycomb ever built by bees

You say the nicest things and your smile is always on the move

Mapping it’s own geography

Let my fingers record new songs in your discography

Oh darling I imagine you sleep like the freshest dream

Your poetry is written in the finest calligraphy

While I share what’s inside of me

It might sound cliche but I wallow in it fearlessly

Here you are in my head again

Bringing about all these wonderful sensations

Too great to funnel through me

So I bear the brunt of the weight

Where your tender heart fills me

Up in all the right places 



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