Tripping On Her 

​I want to explode with you

To spark the flame that lights the fuse

To bathe in your sweet morning dew

For I know nothing of what I do

All I know is my talk is fancy

When my romanticism serves to enhance my poetry

The big words I use do little to impress me

They excuse any uncertainty

I’ve got a story for everything

And marks on my neck the length and girth of Tennessee

From a girl with a sweet tooth for the likes of me

She’s got her eyes on my body of work

And the words I say are always on their mark

I’m the take home prize but I’m not the greedy type

I will gladly share except for her lips and her thighs

They are all mine

Kissing her like how it feels to be well rested while up reading her poetry late at night

Invested in wanting to protect her from strife 

And climbing the ladders her short frame was never meant to climb

Of everything that has happened 

I see clearly and tell her always

How much I like her give and take

How she makes my words stutter and fall 

Like reading my own poem all the way through for the first time y’all

How badly I want her to read my mind from start to finish

Especially my heart which is ready and willing

I long for her heartbeats on lonely nights chillin’

If I get too close I gain deeper insight into her soul  

Left buzzing like a honey bee all the way home

Loving the smell of my cologne

Mixed with her sweet perfume a scent to behold

Her style and the way she so often glows

Her smile overshadows an all encompassing beautiful 

All that separates us is my coffee table

Stained with cupids earthy footprints and

The stale aroma of months old dinner mints

Mapping out the depths of her past love and trying to make perfect sense of it all

Craving nothing more than to fill all the voids her past lovers left

I take out her trash to get rid of the baggage

I need to know where she came from and what else is hiding in her package

Tell me everything that’s happened to bring her to this point where

I see her longing to be held

To feel loved like we’re desperate but not yet brave enough to tell

To face a certain uncertainty that comes from taking the plunge

That so often accompanies love love love love crazy love

I long to hear her turn her sexy voice on

Sprawled beneath me ready for the ride 

I’m about to take her on

I’m learning to trust my gut and to sing in tune with her melodic sound

She doesn’t drive stick so I’ll have to drive her around

Eventually I’ll teach too

But only if she allows me all the way in so I can reach through

To get her on point with my latitude and longitude 



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