The Things She Carries

A perfect mix of hopeless romantic and hope floats she balances on both shoulders 

A purple hard cover notebook detailing day dreams and soft kisses between trembling boulders

Distracting thoughts of the sweetness she carries in her heart and in between her thighs as her love boils over

Feels like buying a new home after being homeless and hungry for you lost count of how many days of being famished rolls over

I need the slow growing love she carries like butter down my heated skillet

Love the way she sways her hips and greets my lips wearing her Burt’s Bees lipstick

Coating slick along the edges of my freshly lined and shucked afro cut I see nothing but her love running amuck

She carries the reflection of a long lost love making up for the years we were made to wait while crossing out strangers faces and names while trying to remain sane throughout it all

She carries 6 degrees of separation from any negative situations and a black belt in giving me butterflies and sweet sensations

She carries her energy in stores and makes my doubt dissappear along with the need to take detours

When I think of her being mine oh what a feeling that carries the message that eventually she is the girl I am going to marry

And of all the hope her heart stands for there is no concealing how light as a feather it is when it soars

The weight of the world she was ready for the moment she was born selfless to a fault

The best intentions birthed the first time she caught wind of thought

She opened her mouth and out came sounds stuck inside her far too long

Now she sings songs with her soul when no words dare to come and what carries her through the humdrum is nothing but love

She carries young and free and spiritually stimulating energies

She knowledge seeks and represents everything that is good to me

She planted the seed that carries our love through wind, water and earth alike cause it is the only substinence I need to ferry her heart to mine

She is the quality I need and the basis of this new love we have only begun to breed

Her love is the karma she carries from long ago and I want nothing more than to reap what I’ve sowed

Between her fluffy mountain peaks she emboldens me and I think of things like reciprocity and wedding rings

Her heart carries the orchestra that sings with mine in synchrony

She carries an unrelenting desire to please passed down from her ancient familial genes

She carries such love for the heart I bare that beats like snare with no staccato drum fading

She carries the spark that auto-starts my fire and keeps my flames of fury blazing

This woman is amazing in every sense of the word and she spoils me with her sexy nerd

The weight of the world

Does not rest upon her shoulders anymore

But on my mind

And in my heart de armor

Where I find her waiting inside my decor

The charcoal in my furnace burning slow

In preparation for the day I ask her to be My Today and My Tomorrow

When the time comes I will know that she carries on her back every enlightened shadow

She carries those seeds planted knee deep going back about a century ago

The unconditional love she carries simply piles on

The anticipation of what’s to come runs a mile long

Our idea of happily ever after will be the only determining factor

’cause her love is the feeling that always carries me home




2 Responses to “The Things She Carries”
  1. Chole Ike says:

    This is beautiful!

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