Question Everything

I am lighting Roman candles

For the black people of America

Lying on beds made of a fabric of a time lined with hysteria

People take what they see as in eye for an eye, but refuse to see the media regurgitate lie after lie

So the fear is misplaced as they shape shift before our eyes

I have my notebook and I’m sifting through it

I’ve felt enough suppressed black power to know white supremacy won’t stop trying to rule it

We built up black wall street, the government bombed that same street

Gave us economic unrest and fabricated basic needs as greed

Then switched it up and gave home loans though predatory in nature they did hone

In on us and spit on us with insults and life lessons fueled by the deaths of our predecessors

Our ancestors knew better but the younger generation couldn’t weather

Storm after storm before those blue skies would make it better

Gave us the blueprint to prevent real progress through grassroots movements secretly meant to stop us

No advancement meant more lost ones

Stay asleep my sweet babies as you lost ones do cost us

I’ve heard the stories of those who were here before me

How the look of fear in the eyes of a scared cop don’t distort me

To the look of fear in the eyes of my own kind and why less violence is not resorting

How affirmative action is unlikely to result in me receiving a hand out

Reject the political correctness that’s been benefiting women WASPs for years now

How I can’t even relax on a beautiful day, too busy researching and studying and uncovering buried truth in the rabid maze

Down many rabbit holes I’ve gazed, and sank and swam and then been saved

I soaked up the thoughts of my higher self like the suns rays and reeled in truth like runaway slaves; I was Harriet Tubman in my own way come to lead my extended family to safety, but come morning,

They’re still sleeping so I awake ’em with a conscience thought, but they don’t want any grace saving

They want back the metal chains that were formerly placed around black babies, with thrown away locks

For it is time to sun gaze and make way for the future; that’s what we are here for, to save ourselves and uplift the youthful

They are afraid of you because they know certain truths like all the opportunities you don’t pursue and the downward spiral of our youth

They are afraid of me because I am teaching tools through story telling and dispelling history’s ruse

The United States of America is a Corporation, it’s true you know

Never fully trust any one but the higher you, you better hear me though

Your third eye sees all you do and don’t do

Still enslaved by those who claim to have saved us from slavery’s rule; funny liberals with their reverse psychologies and multiple college degrees

They swap stories throughout history to confuse and diffuse what you now believe

Everything you think you know needs to be questioned and proven true

And then audited and questioned again because the conquered people do not contribute

To the History books that is

You aren’t truly free until you start to question everything

You best start shoveling, ya dig?



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