Star Trek 2009

startrek_2009movieWell, Star Trek is out and boy what a movie. The problem with reviewing this movie is age. I am old enough to have seen the first Star Trek TV series live and being that old, I found the new Star Trek less than stellar. I am going to split the age at 40, pre 40 review and post 40 review. Post 40 first, this Star Trek episode had a lot of information for us, how did Captain pike end up in the wheel chair? Leonard Nimoy is a real Volcan and he has to be over 200 years old now. Captain Pike, who was rescued by Spock in the TV series and taken to a planet Talos IV, was injured by interrogations by a Klingons not by radiation poisoning as in the TV series. This new movie deals with time travel and that has a tendency to change everything and did it ever. Other problems with the movie, Spock has too many feelings, young Kirk is something from a bad novel, when did Uhura start dating Spock and I was shocked to see Spock return her kisses.  

As for the pre 40’s, they will love the movie. It has all kinds of explosions, special effects, young people, action, noise, loud music, and people that will be familiar to them from TV. Chris Pine plays a very young James T. Kirk and does it with a flare that reflects his age. Zachary Quint plays a believable Spock and when he tries to kill Kirk, well maybe just maim, and has to be called off by his father. Zoe Saldana is sexy enough to make you slap your momma and maybe Spock can’t help making out with her, I sure couldn’t. John Cho plays an excellent Sulu, who does show us some humor when he can’t get the Enterprise under way. Simon Pegg takes Scotty to a new level; I can see the older Scotty coming from this character.  

I believe that this movie will rank very high with the under forty group and satisfy the over forty group. I hope that this Star Trek starts a new generation of Trekkies a generation I would be glad to join. 

John Drew

Branford, FL





3 Responses to “Star Trek 2009”
  1. AJtheDJ says:

    You know, when I was a kid, Star Trek was one of my favorite shows along with Knight Rider. I didn't have any intentions on seeing the movie, but I just might now. I'm looking forward to Terminator 4, and Angels & Demons real bad though. Thanks for the review.

  2. Knowledge says:

    I’ve been struggling to finish reading Angels & Demons for the longest now. I actually picked it up yesterday with the intent on getting through another chapter. I’m gonna get a move on cause the movie looks to be of the chain. Term 4 will most definitely be reviewed. Stay tuned.

  3. Beelove says:

    I’m going to see the movie but I IDK about the older episodes…I remember watching them and whoopie being on the show…I think lol

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