A Broken Heart Tells No Lies

Watching old cell phone videos of you and I Like seeing ourselves for the very first time Who is this girl who rocked my world And what closed me off to living life unfurled I lost my girl and went dumb for conspiracies Deep Underground Mocha Brown (DUMB) I unfairly rushed through the grief No […]

Question Everything

I am lighting Roman candles For the black people of America Lying on beds made of a fabric of a time lined with hysteria People take what they see as in eye for an eye, but refuse to see the media regurgitate lie after lie So the fear is misplaced as they shape shift before […]

Pieces of April

There’s this Aries girl who finger f*cked my world / Had me bubble wrapped around the dopest rap as I watched her pinky twirl / “Trust me girl I’ll never lie to you.” / “I’m a touch too much in love with you in my life to be true.”

The Daydream Before Christmas

P.S. I love you and I promise to always be true and to put my loving hands all over you and your most sensitive bits and to constantly remind you of how sensibly we fit. How you were always it. Or it was always you. Basically, we have this chemistry and settling for less just won’t do.

The Things She Carries

She carries the reflection of a long lost love making up for the years we were made to wait while crossing out strangers faces and names while trying to remain sane throughout it all

Tripping On Her 

I’ve got a story for everything
And marks on my neck the length and girth of Tennessee
From a girl with a sweet tooth for the likes of me
She’s got her eyes on my body of work
And the words I say are always on their mark

All The Right Places 

​The way your eyes seek every wounded crevice of my soul
Questioning why I kept falling in love with assholes
As if I didn’t know there was you to choose from

A Poem For My Daughter

I adore her passion Matches the sparkle in her eyes Her life, like her spirit Rages like a bonfire in the sky She arose from mommy’s belly I played catcher in the rye From that moment on our bond solidified From love – peace and crying streaks and breathing for the very first time No […]

The Both of Us

They come in twos. Girls interested in knocking my boots, but my heart was so fragile I was afraid it would break in two. Never again would I allow one all the in… or so I thought. Thanks to you. Down on bended knee I presumed was the last time I’d assume that position, but it wasn’t true.

How To Get Over An Emotional Affair

Emotional affairs are just as intense, if not more so, than purely physical affairs. You are depleting your emotional reserves and leaving little to nothing for the family that awaits you at home or for yourself if you are single and your affair partner has a family.

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