Lost In Thought

Today, I sit and contemplate, and wonder to myself because my mind takes me all over the place on days like this. I dig deep within and get frustrated at the direction the world is moving in. I look at culture and politics, status and class, social-networking and relationships and I’m left with anger and frustration that I […]

Hey Woman, If You’re Listening

You are beautiful, desirable, talented and intelligent, but you don’t believe a word of any of that. You have low self-esteem and your feelings don’t project how you really feel inside. You’ve held your emotional and psychological self together for so long. You appear confident, but you really aren’t. The emotional and perhaps physical abuse […]

How To Find And Approach A Stud

Hello! Im just coming out and being so i feel like im to late in the game (37yrs)..I try to approach ag studs but to me they seem to arrogant to picky to fussy its a bit to much for me to deal with the drama.. Im a bubbly person i like to laugh and […]