I got tagged by FoxyBrown

I got tagged [by FoxyBrown] so without further ado, here goes something. 1. What inspired you to start a blog and share your style with the world? I started my blog because I have always loved to write, and I found myself writing way too much in my head.  Journals have always provided an instant outlet, but blogging has provided a […]

My 2010 Chicago Gay Pride Events Guide

Featuring Chicago’s Gay & Black Gay Pride Events Tailored For Lesbians.  JUNE 25 – STREET FESTIVAL– “Chicago Pride Fest” by Northalsted Business Alliance,  Waveland at Halsted; 4 PM to 10 PM. $7 suggested donation goes to Northalsted Business Alliance. Live music, food, arts/crafts, vendors etc. ( Two day fest continues June 26, from 11 AM to […]

A Woman’s Touch Feels Oh So Good

Nothing compares to the touch of the woman I share love and intimacy with. I have a passion for sensuality that makes me a sexually intense person, but that intensity must be evoked before it can be untapped. Fortunately, my girlfriend pushes all the right buttons when it comes to physical intimacy. What her touch gives me […]

Hard Candy Calendar Update Plus

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show is coming. Check out some video previews over at Black Gay Gossip’s entertainment blog. The Hard Candy Calendar Update  From the photographer/designers own pen: The calendar is almost done. I’ve been hard at work trying to finalize everything. It won’t be long now. That’s what she said. I’m definitely looking forward to the […]

Peace, Love, Oprah and Black Eyed Peas

I love this video and it may be just the thing I needed to bring back my passion for the people of Chicago and the Black Eyed Peas. Eh, who knows. All I know is this video kicked more ass than the ass kicking my teammates and I got on the field today. We had so few players I ended up playing on the defense, offense, kicking […]

The Dress

Last night proved once again that two attractive friends and former lovers can go out and have a night on the town and things remain platonic. We met at the bar & grill around 9:17p.m. We were both late, as usual, but it was cool because with you I don’t feel that constant pressure to always […]

Afro Samurai

I had no knowledge that vividly detailed Japanese animated manga film titled Afro Samurai was floating around the Internet and onto a Spike TV time slot until the latter part of 2008. But, I’m not here to make excuses and besides it was well worth the wait and then some. It takes a truly special anime to […]