Whatever Feels Right

I’ve written thousands of words dedicated to memories of you. How you swept through me like a tornado, left stormy thoughts encased in halos. Already knowing what the ending would be, but craving its heyday. For out of the chaos would come something beautiful. A warm sun, mid-day. The only one I could always count […]

Baby Steps: Bits And Pieces Of My Weekend

Having your current girlfriend and ex together in the same room is not as awkward as most people think.I’m not sure why it’s so unpleasant for most people, but I think a lot of it has to do with the depth of the relationships, the personality and characteristics of the women and the luck factor of […]

25 Ways To Keep My Blog Alive

Write from the heart. Be unique, original and think outside the box. Don’t follow every new trend. Proofread, critique and enhance my craft. Get faster and better at responding to comments. Read and process first, debate later. Rinse and repeat. Continue to respect all comments and opinions. Make the most out of my creativity. Exhibit diligence when organizing my blog for […]

In My Twenties

In my twenties… I stopped listening to the crowd. I never went along anyway. And was often the odd one out. I would find myself going. In the opposite direction. What I didn’t realize then. Was that I was self-deflecting. You know the gay saying “I can’t even think straight”. I realized some thoughts I […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

My mom’s oldest brother was my favorite uncle. He passed away a few weeks ago from complications of an inoperable tumor. Although he was sick for some time his death was sudden. He had so much good left in him to share with others, but I know he’s in a peaceful place now. He left behind my aunt Diane, brothers and sisters, […]