Review: Girl In The Mirror by Alix B. Golden [Paperback]

All Christen Calhoun really wants is to be a successful photographer, love a beautiful woman, and make her father proud, but easier said than done. When she graduates from Savannah State University, a dead end bank job isn’t what she had in mind. She stifles her creativity in bland business suits while her camera collects […]

Interview With Osama Bin Laden’s Former Mistress Kola Boof

She is an Egyptian/Sudanese-American, award-winning novelist, poet, television writer, activist, and one of the many women entangled in the life of one of America’s Most Wanted Individuals – Osama Bin Laden. Kola Boof, mistress and confidant of the well-known terrorist responsible for the many lives lost during the 9/11 World Trade attacks, came out not […]

An Open Letter to Tracy Morgan

Kamora Herrington, who leads the mentoring program for True Colors, a Hartford-based youth and family services organization for gay, lesbian and transgender teens, had this to say about the comedian’s anti-gay remarks: Dear Tracy, I woke up to your apology this morning and was disappointed. You apologized to your fans and the gay and lesbian […]

Re-Introducing Rebel & Rene

I’m not easily impressed, but I was impressed from the start with her ability to captivate an audience with a unique writing style full of prose, poise, and excellent story telling. Her pen carried with it a certain grace that was evident to me, and many others by the looks of her comment section, from […]

Interview with Leisha Hailey of Uh Huh Her

I hope you enjoy this interview courtesy of Stine @ It’s almost May 2nd! And yes, it is three days before Cinco De Mayo, also known as Thursday, but more importantly, Uh Huh Her will be taking the stage at the 930 Club. Much to my glee, I had a chance to speak with […]

TNG TV: Chris Pureka Sings Out Against Queer Teen Suicide

I hope you enjoy this post, courtesy of Zack Rosen – Queer singer Chris Pureka performs her song “Cruel and Clumsy” as an addition to the It Gets Better project, which is meant to help queer teens through rough times. The lyrics are below. [youtube][/youtube] You’ve been low, you’ve been thinking about the last […]

Review by Zack Rosen: Stephen King and The Case of the Psychotic Lesbian

This article courtesy of Zack Rosen, Oh, overused tropes of fiction: Psychotic homosexuals be thy name. High art and low have dipped into the well so often that it’s a miracle Baby Jessica isn’t hanging out in there with Bart Simpson’s tape recorder. Battlestar Galactica, one of the modern age’s best queer allegories, featured two […]

Review: No Love Lost by Shaun J. Phree, Phreedom Books

The recurring theme of Shaun J. Phree’s new poetry book is love. The backbone of the book lies and relies on matters of the heart. No Love Lost addresses our most vulnerable state, that of being in love. It speaks on it like a caged bird finally broken free from its inability to express locked emotions. Lyrically speaking, each […]

Message To Gay Conservatives: Ann Coulter is no Judy Garland

I failed to criticize Ann Coulter last month when news surfaced that she had accepted an invitation to headline GOProud’s HomoCon 2010, the first annual gathering of so-called homosexual conservatives that took place at Pay-pal co-founder Peter Thiel’s estate in September. (I use the term “so-called” because it’s quite obvious that being homosexual is not exactly […]

Introducing Rebel & Rene

After a conversation with an ex about where our relationship went wrong, I realized that we had to be in two different relationships. How could her version be so different from mine? Well, when they say there are two sides to every story, people are telling you the truth. I have partnered with the wonderful […]

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