Review: Girl In The Mirror by Alix B. Golden [Paperback]

All Christen Calhoun really wants is to be a successful photographer, love a beautiful woman, and make her father proud, but easier said than done. When she graduates from Savannah State University, a dead end bank job isn’t what she had in mind. She stifles her creativity in bland business suits while her camera collects […]

Review by Zack Rosen: Stephen King and The Case of the Psychotic Lesbian

This article courtesy of Zack Rosen, Oh, overused tropes of fiction: Psychotic homosexuals be thy name. High art and low have dipped into the well so often that it’s a miracle Baby Jessica isn’t hanging out in there with Bart Simpson’s tape recorder. Battlestar Galactica, one of the modern age’s best queer allegories, featured two […]

Review: No Love Lost by Shaun J. Phree, Phreedom Books

The recurring theme of Shaun J. Phree’s new poetry book is love. The backbone of the book lies and relies on matters of the heart. No Love Lost addresses our most vulnerable state, that of being in love. It speaks on it like a caged bird finally broken free from its inability to express locked emotions. Lyrically speaking, each […]

Introducing Rebel & Rene

After a conversation with an ex about where our relationship went wrong, I realized that we had to be in two different relationships. How could her version be so different from mine? Well, when they say there are two sides to every story, people are telling you the truth. I have partnered with the wonderful […]

The Epitome Of A Stud Revisited: Artangel & Oreet Ashery Present ‘Staying’

Early last year I wrote a blog titled The Epitome Of A Stud. Later that year I received a letter from Satoko Fujishiro from the London-based organization Artangel. They asked to use excerpts from The Epitome Of A Stud to be included in an upcoming publication. A select portion of my writing would be used in conjunction with one of the alter egos in the book who is called Soft Stud. There was no contemplating anything. Suffice it to say, I […]

Roots of My Black America; A Charleston Plantation

This is truly a one of a kind coffee table book! Roots of My Black America; A Charleston Plantation began as a travel journal from the summer of 2005. This book is undoubtedly a ground-breaking work of art with it’s colorful images, history, and first hand experiences! The distinguished LGBT/SGL author and poet, Azaan Kamau […]