LezGetReal: Tom and Bill and The Tale of The Fake Lesbians

Welcome to the Internet! Where that 23 year old blonde bombshell from Southern California that likes you for your smile and personality is really a 300 pound middle aged white guy living in his parents basement somewhere down in BumFuck, Egypt, America. Pretending to be a lesbian on online is about as old as the […]

Semenya Caster’s Back In Competition

Semenya Caster, 19, has been declared ‘fit to be female’ by the IAAF. Family and friends have always maintained her sex to be that of a female. However, at the insistence of the IAAF, and the international sports community, she was forced to undergo a series of invasive tests that attempted to determine her biological gender. Semenya was forced into an 11-month hiatus from athletics in order to “prove” a female […]

Early Memories of Female Masculinity

One summer I stood outside of a highway rest area with my siblings. A big 18-wheeler rolled into the lot and parked. The driver hopped down and after securing his truck he headed toward the entrance where we stood. There was nothing distinct about his walk. Nothing special. He wore a pair of blue jeans, a plaid shirt and some work boots. His head was shaved into a buzz cut.  To this […]

Semenya Caster Plans Competitive Comeback

“I hereby publicly announce my return to athletics competitions“ Semenya Caster’s lawyers previously indicated that test results obtained in February will confirm that she’s cleared for competition, but there’s something delaying her return to competition. That something is the International Association of Athletics Federation who has not yet ruled on whether Semenya can compete as a […]

Bisexual Women Are Not Lesbians

There’s still this stigma. Bisexual women are even treated as sexual pariahs by other bisexual women, which is something I never quite understood until recently. Bisexuality has a reputation derived not only from straight communities, but in the LGBT community as well. Is it fear of abandonment, over powering suspicions that once heart, body and soul have been […]

trans men and butch women: a summary perspective

This is unedited and jumps all over the place. I do not apologize, I was following multiple trains of thought. Butch Lesbians and Trans guys   female masculinity and male masculinity   born in the right body and born in the wrong body   being mistaken for a man and being mistaken for a woman   female identity and male […]