A Need To Fill

I need to write but I’m unsure of what I’m thinking Thoughts in disarray and still not in sync and I hardly understand what I am meant to be feeling So many emotions to sort through – so many broken links No fear of being alone – no darkness concealing No longer afraid of being […]

The Universe in Discord

They shootin’ rockets at the moon Claim they lookin’ for water Awarding President’s Peace Prizes He ain’t done shit to stop the slaughter Requires a crisis of conscious Why a crisis is upon us But I don’t wish for terrible things Only for them to be spun off us Brought out into the light To […]

Deciphering A Purpose

Every day I reflect on the person I am becoming. A constant work in progress I used to call myself, but it’s more like a constantly evolving process in which I’m resolving my former doubt – living life as I know how. There are times when eliminating toxic things and people from my world take […]

Things Fall Together

I admit our misunderstanding was striking. In one fell swoop I went from aroused to feeling your feisty. I was chillin’ on the couch… laying half-naked, I’ll have you know. So when you asked, “what are you doing,” I could barely open my mouth. When stiffled chuckles spouted out. I sat there thinking, for a moment or two before […]

A Fleeting Encounter

Hear me out for a minute; I wasn’t just thinking about me I was thinking of my heartbreak and recent insecurity I was thinking, damn, despite this, I’m feeling you immensely Knowing I had baggage and honestly not wanting you to see I didn’t want to share everything, embarrassed by my feelings Wanting so badly […]

Real Talk Pt. II

See you still ain’t scratched that selfish itch See you still ain’t stopped me from being a hopeless romantic Ticked off cause my love gave you a number I kept you idle for hours while away messages soothed your wonder Told you I was no good for you Yet you refused to let go Figured […]


She doesn’t say it aloud Too concerned with portraying a fallen angel now Until I bare my soul in rare moments of abundance And convince her my poetry is more than dropping nouns And see how she talks of her past loves And the strength she’s gained from moving on Soul well oiled and aged like leather scrolls […]

Loves Consolation

With eyes half-wide and lucid ulterior motives entice mind won’t shut up with wry smile and vacillating lips a cock-eyed counterclockwise disguise persists despite fiercely contested dismissive attempts I sway dark in the shadow of my density a spot on moonlit night ripples wave intensely eyes pierce through like fright dark against white, basking in onyx and […]

Sometimes The World Sucks

i. It’s not always obvious, but it’s often staring you in the face. It’s a feeling, a sickness; an evil called hate. News and media are filled with it, although most can’t even relate. Writers and poets are all too aware and through their words retaliate. Hate means “intense dislike, to feel antipathy or an aversion […]

360 Degrees of Us

Countless times she told me she loved me I told her in due time she’d show me she loved me And then there was this, our souls mating in destiny For she insisted our past lives were destined to be She claimed we had been together all throughout history In one life I broke her […]

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