The Art Of Love

The art of loving Requires no brush of paint Or numbered two pencil She is the art Her heart the canvas Upon which my love is stenciled How I need no eyes to see The desire written upon her own My chocolate skin coating her caramel Body in kisses; where licks too are honed Wanting […]

To The One Riding Shotgun

What describes this super intense Longing, aching, rumbling feeling Can’t quite concentrate on anything without any meaning Except on how to keep our boat from reeling And how your body is the fruit that I see myself peeling How my spirit is searing With the passion of an electrified charge How your protons push my […]

Things Fall Together

I admit our misunderstanding was striking. In one fell swoop I went from aroused to feeling your feisty. I was chillin’ on the couch… laying half-naked, I’ll have you know. So when you asked, “what are you doing,” I could barely open my mouth. When stiffled chuckles spouted out. I sat there thinking, for a moment or two before […]

Your Sexy Intellect

I always noticed you My initial feeling was that you were dope I loved how your thoughts processed And how you played it like your were so… shy I especially like it when You casually bite your lip While side eyeing something I just said And all I probably want  Is to be in between both of them I […]

Love Run Amuck

You taste like heaven                Love Run amuck in my mouth On my tongue and everywhere Especially down south I imagine when we’re touching  Surrounding each other with nothing               But arousal I feel it tenfold and then some The temptation ticks powerful I say hello to your soul Your aggressive feminine’s untold My dominance belies a submission Together our passion unfolds

I Want You

Let’s cut through the lyrical romance. I’ve wined and dined, you know what comes next. Do we satisfy the ultimate longing. Or do what they do in the songs and tap dance. I’d much rather hear you sing your heart out. As I calmly eat my heart out. Removing the angel wings from a good […]

Erotic Trust

I was that smooth operator Made love with lavish lust My desires no procrastinator Spent – day and night Reenacting love songs We’d skip the heart-breakers and through sweat and funk We fucked There was no requirement for things tasting of sweetness No fake bliss While licking pussy like a thirsty kitten being weaned Off its mom’s […]


My bed lies still when you’re not here My tongue holds its tip halting moist from drawing near Remembering that time is always on our side Your fleeting touch draws near making everything alright And so I lay here saying nothing While wanting Everything … I think of us in daydreams void of color On daunting afternoons those […]

Loves Consolation

With eyes half-wide and lucid ulterior motives entice mind won’t shut up with wry smile and vacillating lips a cock-eyed counterclockwise disguise persists despite fiercely contested dismissive attempts I sway dark in the shadow of my density a spot on moonlit night ripples wave intensely eyes pierce through like fright dark against white, basking in onyx and […]

Strap It Up

We bounce off each other And I love the feel Of your female muscle Every time you let go I take your motions in slow Knowing that come tomorrow Abs will be sore down low For a while we don’t touch I tower over a glistening body Only sweat between us A promise to cross all boundaries There’s something I want deep inside  Show me the […]

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