I sit and wait and pine For words that never come Momentary happiness has come undone No turning back but shadows of the past do hunt Lies and deceit over the smallest things corrupt But no one is perfect, I wouldn’t be fooling anyone That love was pure from day one The passion ripe for […]

On Stupid Stuck

The truth is nearly impossible to swallow Something as big as the biggest heartbeat God ever made belongs to a blue whale Then try to explain just how futile it is to become To be nubile in a world as distasteful as ours is young Love mistaken for abuse, ignorance mistaken for mere youth In […]

For The First Time

I am as if for the first time Seeing myself through another’s eyes I am a complicated contradiction Of ingenious ingenuity My self destruction rebels against the self instruction that moves me The negativity presumably exudes me of responsibility I am left being a left brain feign I am that bird on a wire, hanging […]

Hidden In Plain Sight

The truth is backwards They say it’s stranger than fiction Hey, whatever works Against the current, we swim Strokes of Falsified Records, and Stolen Status Quos, They all float downstream Resting on lakes no paddler knows Beliefs contained in a system Organized by intelligent men Derived as a way to conceal inadequacy found within Anti-intellectual […]