Question Everything

I am lighting Roman candles For the black people of America Lying on beds made of a fabric of a time lined with hysteria People take what they see as in eye for an eye, but refuse to see the media regurgitate lie after lie So the fear is misplaced as they shape shift before […]

A Poem for Pulse

The noise of death filled the air as he reloaded, groan after groan, clip after clip and screams exploded, filling rooms where music no longer induced dance movement and lively gyration, the floor became a death bed of bloody damnation, spilling out and filling spaces where I saw myself in the eyes of the black and brown faces.

It’s Not What You Think

Stuck on a presidency for the first time in history
Yet still won’t read, steady forgetting the past
But you’ll run to the theater to see
Django Unchained’s black ass
How about the chemtrails are seeding
The clouds are no longer keeping
The air we breathe safe

What She Does To Me

You stir the universe To a whirling frenzy Sounds like my heart beats When your thoughts reach me Like a dandelion unphased Until touched by an angel wing Pollen goes soaring Your light is pouring Oh so heavily Down it comes like a rain cloud All the while sun’s still out Your love is just… […]

On Stupid Stuck

The truth is nearly impossible to swallow Something as big as the biggest heartbeat God ever made belongs to a blue whale Then try to explain just how futile it is to become To be nubile in a world as distasteful as ours is young Love mistaken for abuse, ignorance mistaken for mere youth In […]

For The First Time

I am as if for the first time Seeing myself through another’s eyes I am a complicated contradiction Of ingenious ingenuity My self destruction rebels against the self instruction that moves me The negativity presumably exudes me of responsibility I am left being a left brain feign I am that bird on a wire, hanging […]

Ode to Teachers

This one goes out to every child That didn’t have parents To properly groom To every teacher Who stays after class for hours Locked in his classroom For every principle whose sensible And invests in her students success For every superintendent who cares enough about his district To Never Settle for Less For the students, […]

Hidden In Plain Sight

The truth is backwards They say it’s stranger than fiction Hey, whatever works Against the current, we swim Strokes of Falsified Records, and Stolen Status Quos, They all float downstream Resting on lakes no paddler knows Beliefs contained in a system Organized by intelligent men Derived as a way to conceal inadequacy found within Anti-intellectual […]

The War At Home

These moments are hard Bitter like the sweetness of lard Like the quickening of the softest sand Beneath feet as they are sinking in Tough like a soft chew cookie More precious than a bee’s sting Wondering silently, “do they despise me” In rare moments, you might ask Why they secretly shower you With music […]

A Nation Of Malcolm’s

A nation of Malcom’s Ex themselves and make messes felt Out of the game of life Victory is often curtailed By the mainstreaming and disbelieving Through mind controlled music and videos Saluting video vixens and videos hoes Influencing our youth while We sit back and smile Bobbing and weaving Off of distorted wave sounds Of […]

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