A Poet In A Dying World c. 2008

The big bad witch is dead the fat lady has finally sung but is it her last song or is she just getting started on the next one. No one ever said how many songs she’d sing in the end or if Osama bin Laden is really truly dead. He’s probably in the Witness Protection […]

Black Skin

Who is that beautiful body and soul And why don’t they know That what they must cherish is all natural What they must learn is how to best play their role In this great episode How at times life’s rigors cause black blood to bleed most Blue bloods ain’t got nothing on us truth be […]

What Purpose Love Serves

The language that follows the path of most resistance whether it’s the marrying type or the look who’s coming to dinner tonight It is not all hype Up on the coffee table we have christened, which found no weary mug needing rest, no I don’t drink coffee, only the warm soft skin of the woman […]

A Need To Fill

I need to write but I’m unsure of what I’m thinking Thoughts in disarray and still not in sync and I hardly understand what I am meant to be feeling So many emotions to sort through – so many broken links No fear of being alone – no darkness concealing No longer afraid of being […]

There Are Always Haters

We were on a long walk in the park in late August The lake water shimmered against the sun’s gaze fall was upon us And I stopped to lean against a tree It was the farthest one I could find You leaned against me and a passerby said something like, “It won’t last ladies” as […]

The Universe in Discord

They shootin’ rockets at the moon Claim they lookin’ for water Awarding President’s Peace Prizes He ain’t done shit to stop the slaughter Requires a crisis of conscious Why a crisis is upon us But I don’t wish for terrible things Only for them to be spun off us Brought out into the light To […]

Deciphering A Purpose

Every day I reflect on the person I am becoming. A constant work in progress I used to call myself, but it’s more like a constantly evolving process in which I’m resolving my former doubt – living life as I know how. There are times when eliminating toxic things and people from my world take […]

The Transformation of Lives

How is it That in such a short time You have produced a fear That has crippled our stride As I watched my baby’s face succumb To news neither of us were expecting We became numb Breast cancer the diagnosis It was confirmed to us It had dug in its trenches Tracked footprints across Our […]

A Poem to Self

My healed black ego Hides well under the scars Placed carefully within Misshapen bouts of depression Can’t think clear enough Through the emotional discarding Of those well-sung lullabies I used to sing myself at night Flying through the open window Out of a heavily burdened mind Makes me thank God For how feminine love makes me Feels so free to alleviate Any […]

Thoughts In Constant Motion

They come and go Like a night time revival Only it’s morning and We’re thick as thieves As we come together Ready for rigmarole’s ritual Fluttering about like tepid feathers Rigid thoughts centered on Not stepping on toes Or missing the next run Experiencing the ruminations of others Lives daft with woe And fraught with wonder As this journey […]

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