Maximum Overdrive

I can hack into your world Hook up my laptop Start up your drop top Take you for a swirl Speed you up and down the highway I can even tighten your seatbelt So you can’t make a quick escape I control everything Red pill – Blue pill I can make a canary sing To […]

How’s Life Cheating You

Two years in review and much has changed Opportunities arise on a daily base And still I put myself out there Unafraid to take blame Of my past indiscretions And the danger I faced When I came clean about cheating I’ll never forget the day Drove over to my mistresses place I had a lot to say When […]

The Dark Side of Affairs IV

I was recently asked by a reader of my blog:  How or what did you read or do in order to initially get it together!? I met my karma head on. After all, it was mine – I earned it, I deserved it, I knew it was coming and so I braced and prepared myself for the […]

360 Degrees of Us

Countless times she told me she loved me I told her in due time she’d show me she loved me And then there was this, our souls mating in destiny For she insisted our past lives were destined to be She claimed we had been together all throughout history In one life I broke her […]

Myspace Rap

Is karma still kicking this ass of mine? I figured, slates clean it’s 2009. I’m checking my myspace page today like usual. Low and behold, I have a couple messages from you. But that’s not what drew my attention first y’all. I looked about mid-page and was  surprised by what I saw. There’s a section on […]