A Broken Heart Tells No Lies

Watching old cell phone videos of you and I Like seeing ourselves for the very first time Who is this girl who rocked my world And what closed me off to living life unfurled I lost my girl and went dumb for conspiracies Deep Underground Mocha Brown (DUMB) I unfairly rushed through the grief No […]

Pieces of April

There’s this Aries girl who finger f*cked my world / Had me bubble wrapped around the dopest rap as I watched her pinky twirl / “Trust me girl I’ll never lie to you.” / “I’m a touch too much in love with you in my life to be true.”

The Daydream Before Christmas

P.S. I love you and I promise to always be true and to put my loving hands all over you and your most sensitive bits and to constantly remind you of how sensibly we fit. How you were always it. Or it was always you. Basically, we have this chemistry and settling for less just won’t do.

The Things She Carries

She carries the reflection of a long lost love making up for the years we were made to wait while crossing out strangers faces and names while trying to remain sane throughout it all

A Poem for Pulse

The noise of death filled the air as he reloaded, groan after groan, clip after clip and screams exploded, filling rooms where music no longer induced dance movement and lively gyration, the floor became a death bed of bloody damnation, spilling out and filling spaces where I saw myself in the eyes of the black and brown faces.

Your Imperfections Are What Make You Beautiful

You are the finest thing
I have ever laid my eyes in
Not on because your worth
Is not defined by
That tiny hair under your chin


Brushes of silky smooth
Skin against mine
Leaving a trail of the wettest ale
You are the epitome of fine wine

Eyes Wide Open II

5th Verse The next one to catch my fancy Sapped me like an oak tree Macked me like ODB She was the type to bring alive And then stomp all over your dreams But she was mine and I was hers Placed myself on a shelf She did not deserve With access to my dreams […]

Eyes Wide Open

Prelude Tiny cutouts of affection All ripped up and shredded Stored in boxes of occupants Housed in journals and writing tips A poet’s journey begins With a first kiss I made you privy to it My collaborative compilations extracted in bits 1st Verse Nancy was not shy, I was totally convinced of this Secretive as […]

What She Does To Me

You stir the universe To a whirling frenzy Sounds like my heart beats When your thoughts reach me Like a dandelion unphased Until touched by an angel wing Pollen goes soaring Your light is pouring Oh so heavily Down it comes like a rain cloud All the while sun’s still out Your love is just… […]

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