A Broken Heart Tells No Lies

Watching old cell phone videos of you and I Like seeing ourselves for the very first time Who is this girl who rocked my world And what closed me off to living life unfurled I lost my girl and went dumb for conspiracies Deep Underground Mocha Brown (DUMB) I unfairly rushed through the grief No […]

Eyes Wide Open II

5th Verse The next one to catch my fancy Sapped me like an oak tree Macked me like ODB She was the type to bring alive And then stomp all over your dreams But she was mine and I was hers Placed myself on a shelf She did not deserve With access to my dreams […]

Eyes Wide Open

Prelude Tiny cutouts of affection All ripped up and shredded Stored in boxes of occupants Housed in journals and writing tips A poet’s journey begins With a first kiss I made you privy to it My collaborative compilations extracted in bits 1st Verse Nancy was not shy, I was totally convinced of this Secretive as […]

What She Does To Me

You stir the universe To a whirling frenzy Sounds like my heart beats When your thoughts reach me Like a dandelion unphased Until touched by an angel wing Pollen goes soaring Your light is pouring Oh so heavily Down it comes like a rain cloud All the while sun’s still out Your love is just… […]

Let Me Catch You

Girl I’ll sweep you off your feet But I can’t catch you with broken wings Or heal your fractured heart You might deserve better than me Look at how proud you are I sense all your stubborn smarts Comes from somewhere soft and hard A time line that at times hides long forgotten scars Girl […]

The Stud With The Butterfly Tattoo

Chapter 1 I was propped up on my lazy boy Comfortable reclining chewing raw almonds when she re-entered the room, smiling Her bottom lip, biting Her silence was deafening and suddently I felt consumed stuffy and diffused as her gaze scanned the whole of the vestibule Until she focused on my face “The pretty lady […]

Gotta Love Us

Gotta love us studs Proclaiming security while blanketed with self doubt Sucking on thighs to let the demons out Fitted with air force ones Donning button downs and button ups Cocky grins swinging from hips Checking out girls with big butts As the radio teases, watch my bois pretend not to listen too hard, pretend […]

Friends With Benefits

Friend with benefits Seeks filthy whore The ad may as well have read As you clicked on: read more You see, your links were chained From the very first night You knew the loving was fake But the passion was right The way she had you upright Against those walls that she tore down The […]

Mr. Fix Her Up

How can we work on fixing us When you are being worked on By Mr. Fix Her Up Distracting my attempts To fuel the fire that rushes The blaze it rages Inside I am suffering You say not to focus On the wrong song buffering When what’s standing in my way Has been a long […]

Getting Over An Affair

The length of time is not measured In seconds, minutes, hours or years It could take a lifetime To alleviate the tears Of unforgotten moments Times better left Behind the scenes The direction of your soul will shift Your gears may seem all oiled one day And the next it’s as if you were never […]

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